Driving Goodwill

Minimizer started 2017 with a $20,000 donation to the Wyakin Foundation.

“To serve as a conduit, connecting wounded and injured veterans to their successful and fulfilling civilian futures through education, development, and guidance.”

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View a Warrior’s Story Here: Tommy Montgomery

View a Warrior’s Story Here: Matt Thorusen

Help us drive goodwill where it’s needed most!

The St. Christopher Truckers Fund is here to support over-the-road and regional semi-truck drivers when they have to come off the road for an injury or illness.  We are able to offer short-term financial assistance for necessity household expenses.  We are tangibly impacting the lives of drivers by saving homes, keeping utilities on, and paying insurance premiums and car payments.  The SCF is also invested in driver health.  We offer a free vaccine program and a free smoking cessation program.  We want to see healthy drivers doing what they love and providing for their families.  We are a non-profit operating 100% on donations.  Let’s work together to support these hard working men and women that keep our country running.

It may be under a new name and organizational structure, but there is still a club dedicated to the youth of Blooming Prairie. This past September, the former Boys & Girls Club of Blooming Prairie broke away from its parent club in Rochester to become an independently run club called Blooming Prairie Youth Club. The Club provides children from kindergarten to 12th grade with a safe place to go after school and on days with no school.

The club offers programming, field trips, homework assistance, promotion of healthy eating and physical exercise, and so much more for our kids.

In this day and age where kids are glued in front of screens, not eating healthy and having fewer and fewer social interactions, the Club is a true jewel especially in our small town of 2,000 people.

The Youth Club isn’t possible without the support of the community.  It’s even more important now, as the club doesn’t receive financial assistance from the Boys & Girls Club of Rochester anymore. But that also means everything that is raised by the club stays in Blooming Prairie.

Whether or not you have school-aged children, The Club is important for the future of Blooming Prairie. It’s an investment in what we wish our community to be years down the road. That investment could mean donating money or supplies or volunteering a couple of hours a week to spend with the kids. Any contribution you can give will make a difference for our youth.